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Christina Nercessian: Writing Consultant

“Hello! I’m Christina, an English and Communications major and an aspiring English teacher. Two of my favorite things to do are reading and writing, because there are no limitations to what I can create with words. I also enjoy helping my peers to improve their papers and make writing a fun process. I am very excited about working as a writing consultant at the Center for Student Success. I hope to see you soon at a one-on-one session!”



Viktorya Gevorgyan: Math Consultant

Viktorya Gevorgyan“Hi, I am Victoria – A math consultant at the Center for Student Success.

I feel really passionate about math. To me, math is a language to communicate with the universe and the nature around us.
Sometimes it seems tough studying math, but, actually, it makes our complicated life easier with its simplicity. Math is poetic and beautiful. Let me refer to one of Albert Einstein’s sayings that pure mathematics is “the poetry of logical ideas”.

Well, attend our sessions at the Center for Student Success and let’s enjoy math together. Good luck!”



Sona Khachatryan: Writing Consultant

“Hi, I am Sona, one of the writing consultants at the Math and Writing Center. I have pursued my undergraduate and graduate studies for 9 years, producing a significant number of papers; this is why academic writing came to be my true passion. It is an area where I can dig into various sources, come up with interesting topics, and scrutinize my ideas. Also, occasionally I love writing about my feelings, reflecting upon my life experiences, struggles, and accomplishments. Putting my thoughts on paper makes me feel satisfied and relaxed.  I am passionate to help students to develop their writing skills and encourage them to gain confidence in the writing process. So excited to see you at our center!


Ryan McGohan: Writing Consultant

“Hi, I am Ryan, one of the writing consultants at the Math and Writing Center.

I have a master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and have been teaching English for 8 years now. I am currently an adjunct professor here at AUA teaching freshman English courses as well as an instructor with AUA Extension. I enjoy helping my students improve their academic skills in English. If you need guidance on a paper you are working on please feel free to make an appointment and we’ll work on improving it together.”


Arman Vardanyan: Writing Consultant

“Hi, I am Arman- an AUA undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field of English & Communications. I am proud to say that I am a former FLEX (Future Leaders’ Exchange) program alumni; I successfully completed my senior year in an American high school. Aside from my studies, I also enjoy exploring historical places, meeting new people, and reading books. I find writing to be a way to express and reflect upon what I encounter in life. I am super-excited to be a part of the Center for Student Success and invest my time in helping my peers in their academic writings.   As a writing consultant, I am ready to mentor and guide students who come prepared and with a desire to learn.”



Lilit Avetisyan: Writing Consultant

Hello, I am Lilit – a writing consultant at the Math & Writing Center. I am delighted about the opportunity to work in this professional, friendly, and collaborative atmosphere. I never stop researching and writing, and my desire to write has grown with writing. For me, writing is a discovery of what I believe. Throughout my teaching experience, I have guided my students to do their work. I like to get engaged in the discussion of writers’ ideas and accompany them through their papers. If you think that writing papers is intimidating, schedule an appointment at our center, and we will work through your problem together and redirect your worries into an effective writing process.


Anna AghlamazyanAnna Aghlamazyan: Math and Writing Center Coordinator

Hello, I am Anna, the Coordinator of AUA’s Math and Writing Center. I am passionate about enhancing student success on our campus and strive to bring dedication and enthusiasm into our bright team of consultants. Each student’s success is of great importance to me and I go over and beyond to ensure we cultivate independent and lifelong learners in our Center. Choose your consultant, schedule an appointment and enjoy one-on-one sessions throughout the academic year!




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