AUA Student Club Information and Responsibilities


I. AUA student clubs offer significant ways for students to be involved in the life of AUA and beyond.   Being recognized as an AUA student club by Student Services Coordinator also brings certain privileges and responsibilities.

II. Recognized student clubs will enjoy the following privileges:

A. the use of buildings, grounds, equipment, and services of the University when available and officially scheduled. Clubs have access to support services and a club mailbox in (Center for Student Success).

B. posting information on the website linked from the Center for Student Success’s homepage.  

III.Recognized student clubs all have the following responsibilities:

A. be chartered by the Coordinator of Student Services.

B.  describe the purpose of the club and must be compatible with the policies and educational objectives of the University.

C. have an approved constitution and must maintain club records and keep them up-to-date. Club records must include: club constitution, club officer list, club members, club budget and a list of club sponsored events/programs.

D. be open to all currently enrolled students and have at least four (4) active members.

E.   not restrict membership based on race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, age, medical condition, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or military service status.

F. meet as determined by club charter and inform the Student Services Coordinator (through Google calendar) the dates, times, and locations of all meetings. All club meetings must be open to the general student body.

G. submit club minutes or a record of their activities for each club meeting throughout the year and use the Club Minutes Form.

H. follow established policies and procedures for all club financial transactions, accounting, use of facilities and services, etc. This includes keeping all funds in your AUA-provided account.

I. provide for the smooth transition of your organization from semester-to-semester and from year-to-year.

J. collaborate, as appropriate, with other student organizations and university offices.

K.   provide a funding progress report at the end of the Fall semester.

L. renew their charter each year if they wish to be recognized for the following academic year.  

IV. Clubs can change their official club name when re-submitting annual charter renewal forms.  

V. Clubs are encouraged to reach out to and gain interest from the entire AUA community as much as possible (through events, advertising, club fairs, emails, etc.)  

VI. Renewal of Charter

A. Club Charters are active for one academic year. At the end of the Spring semester, all clubs must renew their charter with the Student Services Coordinator. The renewal involves: 1. Club Officer List or Non-hierarchical approach 2. Club Budget Allocation Request 3. The Club Constitution will remain as filed unless changes are made. 4. Club Inactive Status B. If a club becomes inactive for a semester, their funding will revert to the Student Club Budget at the end of the semester. Clubs that have been inactive for two (2) or more semesters must submit a charter application form.  

VII. Loss of Charter

A. Clubs that fail to comply with the previously mentioned responsibilities will have their charter suspended or canceled, and any club funds will revert to the Student Services Coordinator.

B. The Student Services Coordinator will be responsible for enforcing all club responsibilities.  

VIII.   Appeal Loss of Charter

A. Any club that loses its charter may appeal to the Student Club Advisory Committee.

B. Such appeals must be filed within 30 school days. If no appeal is filed, the action becomes effective.  

IX. All events/programs sponsored by clubs must be submitted for consideration with the Student Services Coordinator normally two weeks in advance and must be in accordance with the current event/programming policies.

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