Crisis Intervention and Referral Services

Crisis intervention is a service offered to students who are in serious or immediate emotional distress, including cases where:

• The student verbally or behaviorally conveys that he/she is in crisis
• The student seems to have lost connection with reality
• The student upsets the University’s ordinary operations and/or campus life
• The student is in imminent danger to herself/himself or others
• The student was exposed to attempted rape or rape
• The student was exposed to physical or emotional abuse
• The student identifies himself/herself as being in crisis
• Other extraordinary situations

Students in crisis can visit or call the Counseling Center during regular business hours. When the Counseling Center is closed, students should contact the Center for Student Success by tel: (+374) 060-61-27-56 or visit during regular working hours. After working hours or during week-ends, students may contact AUA Security by tel: (+374) 060-612-727 or (+374) 060-612-729 or Public Safety at 103.

Students who are faced with an emergency will meet the Counselor during regular working hours. The Counselor will meet the student and create a safety plan, including how to manage the crisis and make follow-up appointments with the student to further support him/her and build the necessary resilience skills.