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The Math and Writing Center is a space for all students to practice their math and writing skills through insightful conversations with our consultants.

AUA's Math and Writing Center

Who we are

Math and Writing Consultants are AUA staff and work-study students who are friendly, experienced and attentive listeners trained to assist students.

 What we do

We provide one-on-one consultations for math and writing to help students learn strategies towards improving their math and writing skills. These sessions are meant to equip students to become lifelong learners in problem solving and writing process.

We also offer interactive workshops to help students practice their skills and advance their knowledge in specific areas.

Consultations are open to all graduate and undergraduate students.

What we don’t do 

  • We do not provide ready-made answers during consultations. Students visit us to ask questions, and bring forth their own ideas and solutions.
  • We do not edit, revise or proofread for students. We help them identify patterns of mistakes and provide strategies for editing and revising.
  • We do not write essays or papers for students. They attend sessions to brainstorm with consultants or bring their writing to read aloud and ask questions.
  • We never solve mathematical problems for students. We guide them through the problem solving process.
  • We never assess your feedback on a student’s assignment or speculate what we think their grade should be.   

Why should you encourage your students to use the Math and Writing Center services?

  • Your students get an extra set of eyes to look over their assignments.
  • Your students will practice their math and writing skills with professional support and within a friendly atmosphere.
  • Your student will enjoy the benefits of one-on-one consultation sessions catered to their learning style and needs.

How can you help your students experience our services?

  • Encourage students to visit the Math and Writing Center.
  • Request a 5-minute in-class presentation about the MWC services.
  • Refer to the Math and Writing Center in your syllabus as a university-wide resource.
  • Contact us if you have specific requirements for an assignment and want to work closely with our consultants.  


Contact Information

Anna Aghlamazyan, Math and Writing Center Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

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