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Dear Students,

You are cordially invited to the AUA Spring Ball on Thursday, May 31, 2018.
Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: AUA courtyard (Between AUA Main Building and PAB)
Tickets: Available now

To pre-register and purchase the tickets, please contact the organizers:
Gor Varosyan 099-04-04-84
Hayk Khekoyan 091-92-51-32
Smbat Gardilyan 099-99-88-99
Ticket sale ends on Wednesday, May 30 at 17:00.


Date: Wednesday, May 30

Time: 14:00 – 15:30

Where: Akian Gallery, PAB




Dear AUA Students,

AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening.

What: Movie Screening

When: Monday, May 7 at 18:00

Where: Manoogian Hall, AUA


“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Art Club is delighted to invite you to an art lecture by David Samuel Partamian. 

The event will take place on Monday, May 7 at 18:00 in the Small Auditorium.



Who: A group of students in AUA’s Master of Science in Strategic Management program and AUA Undergraduate Student Council. 
What: Donation drive (toys, games, clothing, books, and school supplies)
When:  April 20 – May 5
  • Entrance to PAB 
  • Aries Cafeteria entrance
  • Center for Student Success
  • AUA Library entrance

AUA Drama Club proudly presents
When: Friday, April 27 at 19:00
Where: Large Auditorium, AUA

Speak-Up Club introduces an upcoming event
When: Thursday, April 26 at 17:00
Where: Small Auditorium, AUA

Dear AUA Students,

AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening.


 What: Movie Screening

When: Monday, April 23 at 18:00

Where: Manoogian Hall, AUA



7:00 – 8:30 pm

Friday, March 30

Small Auditorium, AUA

Host: Vahagn Hakobyan


We invite amateur or professional performers who would love an opportunity to perform in front of a friendly audience.

Join us and share your poetic or musical talent, build your confidence as a performer, and spend an evening enjoying the atmosphere

Participants can recite poetry, sing or play a musical instrument.


Sign up in advance for a guaranteed spot by sending an e-mail to by 17:00 on Wednesday, March 28.


Dear AUA Students,

AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening.

 What: Movie Screening

When: Friday, March 16 at 19:00

Where: Manoogian Hall, AUA


Speak-Up Club invites you to “Head to Head” Debate.

The debate would be held on ThursdayMarch 15, 5:00-6:00 p.m. in the Small Auditorium.  


Debaters: Anatoli Hovhanesyan, Yelena Boroyan

Hosts: Vladimir Solovyov, Anahit Movsisyan


Our students will debate on the following topic: “Is it right for the government to limit the freedom of speech?” This is a parliamentary style debate and is followed by unique debate format created by the club members.

The audience will be given an opportunity to ask the debaters questions. To make the debate more interactive we will do an online poll during the debate. Your presence is important as we value your feedback and suggestions.

Registration link:

FB event link:

Club’s webpage:



Share your talent…

Coming this Friday, February 23



Speak-Up Club Event


Coming this Friday, February 16


Dear Students, 
St. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!
Undergraduate Student Council would like to help to create a romantic and positive atmosphere on campus. 
You can write a message to a special person in the Center for Student Success area on Feb. 13th from 11:00 AM to 19:30 PM and the person will get it with a sweet surprise on Feb. 14th

Dear AUA Students,

AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening.

What: Movie Screening

When: Wednesday, February 14 at 18:00

Where: Manoogian Hall, AUA


Coming this Friday, February 9


On February 6, at 18:00, you are invited to a meeting with representatives of the RA Ministry of Defence (RA MoD).

The purpose of the meeting, which is organized at the request of the Ra MoD Department of Cadres and Military Education, is to introduce students who have studied with the right to military deferment and are subject to conscription in June 2018 to the one-year training program organized at the RA MoD Military Educational Establishments (Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan, Military Aviation Institute after Armenak Khanperyants). Upon successful completion of the training students may receive the rank of lieutenant and complete their mandatory military service as officers.




Meet a Champion

Dear Students,

AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to an exciting event – meeting with the Gold Medalist of Rio 2016 Olympic Games Mihran Harutyunyan. You will get an opportunity to hear about his journey and ask questions.
Date: January 30
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Venue: Manoogian Hall

Megapixel Photography Club invites AUA students, faculty and staff to a lecture by Suren Manvelyan



A Lecture on Landscape Photography by Suren Manvelyan

When: 16:30 – 18:00 on Friday, January 26

Where: Small Auditorium, AUA Main Building




AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening on Friday, January 19 from 19:00 to 21:30 in Manoogian Hall.

What: Movie Screening

When: Friday, January 19 from 19:00 to 21:30

Where: Manoogian Hall, AUA



Dear Students,

You are cordially invited to the AUA Winter Ball on Thursday, December 21, 2017.
Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: AUA Cafeteria and Center for Student Success Area
To pre-register and purchase the tickets, please contact the organizers.
Ticket sale ends on Wednesday, December 20 at 10:00 am.



AUA Winter Ball (Details to follow)

Date: To be announced

Time: 19:00 – 23:00

Where: Cafeteria, Main Building, AUA



Otaku Club presents


Date: Tuesday, December 26

Time: 18:00

Where: Manoogian Hall, PAB

For more information, please e-mail:










Date: Wednesday, December 13

Time: 17:00 – 18:30

Where: Akian Gallery, PAB





Come to celebrate the winners and participants of Universiada-2017 at the Russian-Armenian University (RAU)

When: 11:30 – 13:30 on December 14 

Where: Russian-Armenian University (RAU)





AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening on Wednesday, December 6 from 18:00 to 20:30 in Manoogian Hall.

 The movie to be screened is “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”








AUA Volunteers’ League is inviting you to a movie screening event within the “7 Ways to Go Green” campaign. Have you heard about the campaign?

It promotes 7 environmental challenges to make Armenia a cleaner and a healthier place. You can find more about the campaign here.

The movie screening event is not only going to show movies on current environmental issues but will also host guest speakers from the relevant fields.

The list of movies will be published very soon on our Facebook event page and they are going to be provided by Sunchild Environmental Festival 2017. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on December 4th, at 6:30 PM at the American University of Armenia, Manoogian Hall 



 AUA Undergraduate Student Council invites you to a movie screening on Friday, December 1 from 18:00 to 20:30 in Manoogian Hall.

 The movie to be screened is “The Bucket List”



International Volunteer Day Celebration

AUA Volunteers’ League in cooperation with Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) invites you to a movie screening and discussion on December 4th.

When: 18:00 – 20:30

Where: Manoogian Hall, PAB


Universiada Football

American University of Armenia vs. Vanadzor State University

November 16 at 15:30 in Russian-Armenian University


A Round-Table Discussion on the Military Deferral Law Changes

The Undergraduate Student Council is organizing a round-table discussion about the military deferral law changes with the representatives from the Ministry of Defense of RA and the members of Student Councils of other universities.
The discussion is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, November 15 from 15:00 to 17:00 in Manoogian Hall.
We encourage all interested students to attend the discussion, ask questions, and express their concerns to the representatives of the Ministry of Defense.


AUA’s Office of Development seeks entries for two student-designed Holiday Cards. The AUA Student Holiday Card Design Contest is open to any AUA student in good academic standing with the University. AUA will use the winning entry as the University’s official holiday card designs for 2017. AUA will award two prizes. The contest winner will receive 150,000 AMD and the second place winner will receive 75,000 AMD.

GUIDELINES: Entries to the AUA Student Holiday Card Design Contest is limited to one (1) per student. All submissions should be original artwork scanned or designed at 300 dpi, in the dimensions of 148mm x 105mm, file size no greater than 15 MB, in PDF, or Illustrator format. Artwork should include images, reproductions or photographs of AUA buildings, grounds or icons or an AUA theme. Submissions may include text.

ENTRY: 31/10/2017 -15/11/2017

SELECTION: 16/11/17 -17/11/2017


HOW TO ENTER: During contest entry dates, contestants should send original artwork entries, saved as “LastNameFirstName-AUAHolidayCard from an AUA email address to AUA’s Development Coordinator, Yekaterina Nersesyan (


In the body of the email, include the following:






OWNERSHIP: AUA has exclusive rights over reproduction and use of artwork submitted to the contest. Entries become the property of AUA. Submission of an entry grants AUA an unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license and right to publish, use, and edit it in any way.

PRIZES:  First Prize – 150,000 AMD (before applicable taxes) and Second Prize – 75,000 AMD (before applicable taxes)

WINNER SELECTION: A three-judge panel consisting of AUA’s President, Provost, and Vice President of Development will review all the entries. The panel will evaluate entries based on the following criteria: a) Originality (25%), b) Medium of Expression (25%), c) Creativity of Design (25%), and d) Appropriateness to Theme (Holidays) (25%).

LIABILITY: AUA is not responsible for any improperly formatted, late, misdirected, incomplete, or damaged entries, or, internet, technical, software, hardware, telephone, or transmission failures of any kind, which might limit a person’s ability to enter the contest.


Halloween Event presented by AUA Undergraduate Student Council

Please note that there have been changes in movie screening schedule:

Manoogian Hall 20:00 – 22:00

Room 308E – 18:00 – 20:00


Russian-Armenian University (RAU) once again is hosting Universiada, a competition among Universities of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.


This year AUA students will participate in various event categories. 

If you would like to attend any of the events to support AUA participants, please sign up in the Center for Student Success (Room 203M). Our team needs your support!


Please see the schedule of the Universiada events below.



(Competition among Universities)


Opening Ceremony October 24, 15:00

Russian-Armenian University (RAU)**


Football November 13 – 17, starts at 14:00
Women’s Basketball October 30 – November 3,

starts at 14:00

Shooting Day/time to be announced later
Table tennis November 7, 14:00
Chess November 3, 14:30


Dance October 30, 16:30
Theatre November 13, 16:30
Song November 20, 16:30
Social video November 23, 16:30
KBH November 23, 16:30

Intellectual event

What? Where? When? November 10, 12:00  

(11:00 – team registration)

Closing Ceremony November

*Please note that the timetable is subject to changes.

**Most of the events take place in the Cultural Center (Մշակույթի տուն), RAU.


Back from the Military: A Celebration

When: October 26, 18:00 – 19:00

Where: Akian gallery, PAB

Speak Up Club Event

Public Speaking is an important skill that helps people speak in front of large groups of people.

The lecture by Suzanne Daghlian provides basic tips for an effective and successful speech, including ways to overcome stress and nervousness before and during the speech.


When: October 26th from 17:00 to 18:00

Location: Small Auditorium 


This is a reminder that the Undergraduate Student Council elections will take place on October 12th and 13th from 10:00 – 18:00 on both days. 
Voting will be electronic – you need to be logged in Moodle with your AUA account in order to vote. Each person may vote once for up to 12 candidates.
Here is the link to the elections ballot. If the provided link does not work upon clicking, please copy and paste the link below into browser’s web address line.  
The link will be available on October 12th at 10:00. 



When: October 9-13

October 9-11 – Center for Student Success

October 11-13 – PAB Bridge




Undergraduate Student Council Candidates 2017-2018 and their personal statements:


AUA STUDENT CLUB LEADERS’ MEETING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 17:45 Center for Student Success lounge area
AUA STUDENT CLUB FAIR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 16:00-18:00 Center for Student Success lounge area



For detailed information on the Student Council, please go to:

AUA Student Council Important Dates

Candidacy Forms Due to the Office of the Registrar

Confidential Evaluation Forms (2) Due to the Center for Student Success

September 27, 2017 – 17:00
List of Official Candidates Posted September 29-30, 2017 – 17:00 
Campaign (UGRAD) October 2 – October 11, 2017
Candidate Speeches (Manoogian Hall) October 5 (15:00 – 17:00)
Candidate Debate (Large Auditorium) October 6 (12:00 – 14:00)
Voting October 12 & 13, 2017 (10:00 – 18:00)
Notification of Winners October 13, 2017
Official Announcement of Winners October 16 , 2017
First meeting of the Meeting with Elected Body (UGRAD)* October 16, 2015 – 18:00*

Location TBD




  • Are you a motivated and enthusiastic individual?
  • Do you care deeply about events taking place around the world?
  • Do you want to make a difference?

PARTICIPATE in a two-day Model United Nations conference!

The DEADLINE  for applying is September 15, 2017.


Dear AUA Students,

Whether you are a movie buff or are passionate about yoga, acting, music, dance, enjoy taking unique photographs, playing sports, giving back to the community, or you prefer exploring business opportunities, or are drawn to the world of law and finance, you can find a club close to your heart at AUA.

We encourage students to get involved in various student activities outside of the classroom. You can join any existing club on AUA Campus or start your own. If you need information on how to get started, please visit  (Registrar→Center for Student Success→Undergraduate Student Organizations).

The deadline for all club application submissions is at 17:00 on Monday, September 11.

You may drop off your documents in the Center for Student Success (Room 203M) or e-mail them as attachments to with a subject line “New Student Club Charter”.

After club applications are submitted, reviewed, and approved, an AUA Student Club Fair will be held where students can meet club leaders and representatives, learn about different activities, and sign-up.

Details on the time and place of the AUA Student Club Fair will be announced at a later date.

If you need assistance with your club application or have any questions, please send an-email or come to the Center for Student Success (Room 203).

 habitat-for-humanity-logo Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world. With the helping hands of thousands of volunteers we have built or renovated more than 800,000 homes around the world, providing more than 4 million people with safe, decent, affordable shelter.Global Village program offers short-term international service trips where volunteers take part in a “hands-on” construction or renovation of homes. While being challenged to work efficiently as a team, the students are also learning about different cultures, poverty issues and solutions and are gaining a wider vision of the world.  Students return home with life-changing stories and stronger, more educated opinions on global issues and building and housing solutions. For additional information, please visit:
  The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia is a covenant partner of the Fuller Center for Housing, established in the spring of 2005. After 29 years of unwavering and tireless service to the poor with Habitat for Humanity, Millard Fuller, the founder and president of Habitat for Humanity, was motivated to expand his vision of eliminating substandard housing worldwide.

The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia was registered in the spring of 2008. It is a non-governmental charitable organization that supports community development in the Republic of Armenia by assisting in building and renovating simple, decent, and affordable homes as well as advocating the right to a decent shelter as a matter of conscience and action.

Volunteers are very essential for our organization and are always welcome as the organization is based on volunteers. Volunteers both give and receive while working with us. We would never be able to help Armenian families in need without our volunteers.

Local volunteers are involved in our projects. They work on construction site, take teams for sightseeing and serve as guides and translators for them, help the staff at the office.

For additional information, please visit Fuller Center Armenia – Local Volunteers or email: for more information.