Math and Writing Center



The center provides free consultation services for undergraduate and graduate students to receive additional support outside of the classroom.  One-on-one consultation sessions will allow students to enhance their math and writing skills in a professional, friendly, and collaborative atmosphere.

Who are we?  Professional and experienced consultants and work-study students who are ready to help students to improve their math and writing skills.

Who can attend the sessions? Consultation sessions are available for all AUA students from all programs and years. 

What kind of assignments and courses? You can come with any math and writing assignment from any course. 

How long are the sessions? Appointments are 30 minutes long. If you have special needs, you can request a session of up to one hour.

How many times? Students may schedule up to two appointments per week.

Can students miss their appointments? If you miss two appointments, you will lose your privilege of using the center’s services. Cancel your appointments ahead of time.


How to register for a session:

You are welcome to schedule your appointment online. Please refer to this short guide to book your appointment. If you still need help, visit us in room 006N, Student Union.

We recommend scheduling an appointment online well in advance of your due date. 

Walk-in sessions are welcome, but not guaranteed.

new location sign [Math&Writing] phone office hours


Student Union, 006N


Phone: 060-61-27-57
for off-campus phone calls


We are open:

Monday & Thursday
from 12:30pm-7:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
from 11:00am-5:00pm