Math Support

What We Offer

  • One-on-one consultation sessions to graduate and undergraduate students to review any math-related material
  • Group consultation sessions
  • Workshops on different mathematical and statistical concepts, theories, and problems
  • Print and online math resources

What the Math Consultant Can Help You With

  • Understanding any mathematical and/or statistical concept
  • Studying theories and solving mathematical problems with the consultant’s guidance
  • Reviewing homework assignments on math-related subjects, including Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Probability and Statistics, and Business Math, etc.
  • Preparing for quizzes, midterm, and final exams on your math subjects and/or reviewing the exam results

How to Have an Effective Math Session

  • Come prepared: bring all necessary materials, such as notes, assignments, assignment instructions, and review sheets, etc.
  • Attempt solving each problem before coming to math sessions so that you can ask a specific question
  • Prepare specific questions regarding your math course material