The AUA Mafia Club

We’re a club dedicated to the game full of mystery, betrayal, bloody murder and FUN known as Mafia. Most of our meetings are going to be games of Mafia, but, for this to not get boring, events, themes, rule set changes are being implemented throughout the year. Other minor details like language, spectators, and even the basic rules are subject to change to fit our needs!

Our very own playing cards for “Werewolf”- a variation of Mafia


          Our Club Mascot “Monokuma”


Mafia Club Events in 2016 – 2017:

  • The Student Council Killing Game
  • The Mafia Club’s 1st Invitational
  • The “Danganronpa” Series Screening
  • TBA

Contact: Vahan Melkonyan, [email protected]

Ranked Meetings:  Fridays, 16:00 – 18:00, 614M

Other information: Please visit and join our Facebook page: