Gevorg Hayrapetyan
"I am a founder of Chaplin Comedy Club at AUA, and I work with the Student success Center everyday. The Center is a place at AUA that makes our days more fun and interesting. The Center also ensures that working with the them is easy and they are extremely helpful with our student organizations."
Vartan Panossian
"The thing with the workshops is they give you vital information that is helpful in everyday life. Like how to handle stress, time management skills, studying skills, the list goes on. I always leave the Center for Success feeling happy knowing I can apply what I’ve learned in many aspects of everyday life."
Grace Hossepian
"When I started visiting the Center and attending workshops, I really felt like I was home. I met a lot of new people and I started to feel more comfortable at AUA. What I also like about the Center is that they organize workshops about topics that students need to know in college. The CSS is always ready to help and assist students, and this is exactly what home is about!"
Levon Hovannisyan
"The atmosphere is always comfortable in the Center! The math and writing consultants are always helpful in achieving the students’ goals."

AUA is committed to providing students with the necessary tools and skills to ensure an enjoyable and successful learning experience.  Activities and programs are organized throughout the academic year to inspire and challenge our students both inside and outside of the classroom.  We encourage you to explore your interests and talents and are here to help you discover these opportunities.