Otaku Club

Purpose: Our club is about Japanese animation, manga (comics) and other media production that comes from the land of the rising sun!  We will watch & discuss anime & manga, as well as play different games, organize events and theme weeks. If you’re new to anime world, you are more than welcome to join us and discover this branch of world animation. The club also organizes university-wide movie screenings which are open for all students.

Contact: Iren Stepanyan, iren_stepanyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: The club meets each Friday, at 4:30pm in 608M.

Please note that the day/time/location may change, so please contact the club representative before attending the meeting for the first time, or join the club’s Facebook page to get regular updates.

Other information: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/auaotaku/?fref=ts


Drama club

Purpose: Drama Club is the place where undergraduate students who love acting and theatre come together to put on plays and performances throughout the year.

Contact: Noemi Akopian, noemi_akopyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Wednesdays at 17:30 and Saturdays at 14:00 in the Large Auditorium.


“Silhouette’’ Music Band

Purpose: The main purpose of the club is to present a talented group of musicians, singers, composers and dancers. We are playing and composing beautiful music of various genres.

Contact: Sona Karganyan sona_karganyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Wednesdays from 11:30-14:30 and Thursdays from 12:00-15:00

Other information: Music and dance lovers are welcome to join the club through Auditions.


AUA Startups

Purpose: The club will create opportunities for students who have business ideas, want to create a new startup, have existing startups, want to join an existing startup team or want to be engaged in entrepreneurial network. We aim to create an environment where you will be able to brainstorm ideas, combine your skills and expertise based on implementation needs, form/join teams with complementary skills and start your businesses.

AUA Startups club will help you with the following:

– Introducing you with industry leaders and strategic partners

– Funding: seed funding, grant competitions, crowd-funding, venture capital, angel investors

– Mentorship and advising with industry experts

– Business basics

– Marketing, management, accounting, financial management

– Comprehensive training programs with experts

The Club will cooperate with AUA Graduate Student Council.

Contact: Edgar Andriasyan, edgar_andriasyan@edu.aua.am Artyom Kosyan,artyom_kosyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: In order to participate in club’s activities, please contact the representatives.


The Bridge-Student Newspaper

Purpose: The purpose of The Bridge is to bring news to the AUA community. It will be a platform for students to raise awareness about issues that concern and impact the university, as well as the broader community.

Contact: Christina Soloyan christina_soloyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Wednesday 4:30 pm in 216M.

Other information:  In case you do not want to be a member, but have something to say or share with AUA community you can do it in the Student Blog, which is open for everyone.


Volunteers League

Purpose: The Volunteers’ League Student Club spreads the AUA spirit by promoting active volunteerism inside and outside of AUA via linking volunteering opportunities with the interested students for their development and having an input in the sustainable development of Armenia.

We envision the sustainable development of Armenia through creating a culture of volunteerism.

Contact: Volunteers’ League volunteersleague@edu.aua.am, Gabriel Hovhannisyan gabriel_hovhannisyan@edu.aua.am, Sona Martikyan sona_martikyan@edu.aua.am

Executive Board Meeting: Wednesdays, 4:30 pm- 7:30 pm, 422/424M

Other information: https://www.facebook.com/AUAVolunteersLeague?fref=ts


Dance Club

Purpose: Dance club aims to bring together people who enjoy dancing. We teach and practice various dance styles including latino, ballroom, breakdance, hip hop, locking and popping.

Instructors: Mane Khachibabyan, Elen Simonyan

Contact: Mane Khachibabyan mane_khachibabyan@edu.aua.am, Elen Simonyan elen_simonyan2@edu.aua.am

Other information: You can apply for membership by contacting our instructors. Bring comfortable clothes and enthusiasm with you.

Meetings: Every Monday 7:00pm, LA



Purpose: Mihr is the Armenian National Music and Dance club of AUA. The club’s aim is to introduce Armenian National music and dance to anybody who might be interested. Throughout the year, we will learn Armenian songs and dances, share the knowledge with the AUA community through different events and have fun while discovering a new culture.

Contact: Talin Saghdasaryan, talin_saghdasaryan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: The meetings are held in the Large Auditorium on Mondays and Thursdays from 16:00 – 19:00. Anyone can join and leave anytime.


Writers on the Storm

Purpose: Creative Writing Club is for those who enjoy writing, reading, analyzing, sharing experience and ideas on this context. Join our club if you want to learn more about writing and enjoy organized (creative) procrastination. We have pretty entertaining agenda for each semester. Come to see what we have for this academic year. Depending on the semester sometimes we decide on meeting from project to project, but for more information you’ll need to contact us.

Contact: Anahit Kasparyan  anahit_kasparyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Saturday 13:00-15:00, Sunday 17:00-19:00




Purpose: Filmoscope is a club for all kinds of people. During our meetings, alongside watching interesting and awesome films of all genres and time, we are also going to have after-film discussions, dub old Armenian cartoons and movies in English and, most importantly, shoot our own films, which we will later watch together with a cup of tea/coffee and cookies. And these aren’t the only activities we have in mind: there are many more, which will either be suggested by you or spontaneously thought of during our meetings. By the way, we almost forgot to mention that at times there will be screenings of films suggested by members, so already think (if applying) of a film worth seeing.

Contact: Nina Baklachyan, nina_baklachyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Thursday/Flexible, Small Auditorium


Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat

Purpose: The club’s main purpose is movie/video production. The process involves writing plots, coming up with cinematography (e.g. shooting angles, lighting, costume design, etc.), filming and editing (involves video/audio fx., music usage, etc.). Everything (including acting) will be done by club members. Also we will watch of icons cinematography (e.g. Pulp Fiction, Star Wars One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Jaws).

Contact: Shant Yezekyan (shant_yezekyan@edu.aua.am)

Other information: All interested undergraduate students should send a small resume which includes their skills (e.g. shooting, editing, acting, etc.), experience (recommended but not necessary), favorite movie, genre and director. We will review the files and contact you.

Meetings: Flexible. Please contact the club representative.


Literary Journal Club

Purpose: The primary goal of the Literary Journal Club is to give students a chance to write, share, and publish personal writings, as well as help students improve their writing skills and inspire them to be more self confident while sharing their works. Literary Journals would be published each academic year, filled with students’ poems, short stories and more.

Contact: Angela Diloyan  angela_diloyan@edu.aua.am
Meetings: In order to attend a club meeting, please contact Angela Diloyan.


Star Jam

Purpose: Music club that does everything connected to music.  Please contact to audition.

Contact: Inga Vatinyan, inga_vatinyan@edu.aua.am

Other information: Interested undergraduate students must audition prior to being admitted to the club.

Meetings: Wednesday 3:30-5:30, Friday 4:30- 7:00, Large Auditorium


Art Club

Purpose: We unite art lovers of AUA & grant them pleasurable atmosphere where they can both enjoy and create art. Our main goal is to not teach how to draw step by step but to let different individuals explore their possibilities, relax and share some ideas. It is an open door to both artists and non artists, a place to speak share listen to good music. It will benefit students relationship and will allow them share their passion or interest for drawing. The themes of our drawing club are broad and are not limited to painting. It includes all genres, anime and drama painting, creating comics, animation, photography, cinema appreciation, music appreciation.

Contact: Mash Mashok mariam_harutyunyan2@edu.aua.am, Rouzy Ruzok ruzanna_hanesyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Thursdays 5pm, 206M


AUA Poetry Slam

Purpose: Poetry Slam provides a free space for AUA students who love to write to produce poetry and share it with others. Winners will be awarded a certificate and their work will be published in the “The Bridge-Student Newspaper”.

Contact: Max Gouchian max_gouchian@edu.aua.am, or Daniel Tahmazyan daniel_tahmazyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Wednesdays at 3:30 in room 216M (Competition dates will be specified later)

Other Information: The judges will be professors Arto Vaun, Christian Garbis, and Artur Avanesov

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AUA-Poetry-Slam-369407033391365/


CEO (Career Establishment Opportunities)

Purpose:  “CEO” is a platform that unites a wide variety of career opportunities in one place and connects them directly to AUA Undergraduate students. Career opportunities include but are not limited to, internships, exchange programs, conferences, seminars, and trainings.

Contact: Diana Harutyunyan diana_harutyunyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: To be defined before each meeting separately.


The Mafia Club

Purpose: We’re a club dedicated to the game full of mystery, betrayal, bloody murder and FUN known as Mafia. Most of our meetings are going to be games of Mafia, but, for this to not get boring, events, themes, ruleset changes will be implemented throughout the year. Other minor details like language, spectators, and even the base rules are subject to change according to the feedback of our members and the observations of the Admin Team.

Contact: Vahan Melkonyan, vahan_melkonyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings:  Fridays, 16:00 – 18:00, 614M.

Other information: Please visit and join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1746406222287557/ for any kind of information including dates and places of our meetings!


AUA Football Club

Purpose: Our club invites all football lovers and players to come together in order to have unforgettable football events. The club also offers any assistance to students who play or like football in the form of information and advising regarding to football.

Contact: Hayk Vardanyan, hayk_vardanyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Flexible meeting times and dates

Other information: Please register as a club member in order to get information about events.


AUA International Students Club

Purpose: The club is dedicated to celebrating, embracing, and enhancing diversity as well as broadening cultural awareness by providing students from different backgrounds the opportunity to share their culture and establish new relationships.

Meetings: Take place every Thursday at 5pm in room 426M

Contact: Patil_ounjian@edu.aua.am

Other Info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/264526177276870/


Movies of My Motherland

Pupose: “Movies of My Motherland” is a student club, which is engaged in translating old classical Armenian movies and adding documentary parts created by members, so the audience will not only watch famous Armenian movies, but also learn about talented actors and directors involved.

Contact: Inna Mezhlumyan, inna_mezhlumyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Every Monday, Friday 11:30-12:20 in 206e (PAB)


Megapixel Photography Club

Purpose: The main purpose of the Megapixel Photography Club is to give students an opportunity to learn photography. The main activities of the club are learning how to shot good photographs, Photoshop tricks and practicing.

Contact: Ani Jilavyan ani_jilavyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: If you want to attend a club meeting, please contact Ani Jilavyan.


ROL (Rule of Law) Club

Purpose: The club is going to serve interesting and easy way for students to study a serious and complicated legal sphere. Students will get an opportunity to act like lawyers, judges, juries etc. and to understand the nature of those professions in a deep way. Moreover, by discussing and solving particular cases club members will get familiar with laws, amendments, legal tools, court ethics etc. They will improve their legal vocabulary and will gain practical knowledge that people use in this field.

Meetings: Date/time/place – room #426, Friday 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm!

Contact: Armik Israyelyan, armik_israyelyan@edu.aua.am

Other: Even if the only connection you have to the law is the TV show Suits, you are still on the right track. And your next step is to join the actual club of THE RULE OF LAW.


“Guardians” Debate Club

Purpose: The purpose of the debate club is to encourage the AUA community to participate in events which will develop speech and debating skills, including communication, persuasion, organization, style, and delivery. This offers positive contributions of the members to political discourse and quality of life through the development and argumentation of evocative issues.

The Debate Club would maintain healthy and constructive cooperation with similar clubs/groups of other universities, schools, NGOs etc.

Contact: Tigran Danielyan tigran_danielyan@edu.aua.am, Narek Babajanyan narek_babajanyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Flexible

Other information: https://web.facebook.com/AUA-Guardians-1268021799926601/


AUA Data Science Initiative

Purpose: The purpose of the club is to gather AUA students that are interested in data science. The club will be holding workshops on different aspects of data science in order to introduce the members of the club different tactics that are used in data science, as well as their applications in various spheres. Meanwhile, the club will also be organizing competitions among the club members, as well as forming teams of members that will be participating in international competitions.

Contact: Artyom Yepremyan, artyom_yepremyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Every Saturday noon


Finance Club

Purpose: Finance Club is engaged in finance-related activities. It includes such directions as corporate finance, investment banking, sales and trading, etc. Our main activities are the following:

  • Research and analysis of financial statements and markets for different organizations and institutions
  • Participation in the internships, conferences, competitions, and career fairs in the field of finance

The aim of the club is to create a platform and to support the students in their learning process, practice, identification of the job opportunities in a career in finance, and choosing the one that will best fit him or her.

Contact: Ani Keshishyan, ani_keshishyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Finance Club has a matrix structure, and its activities are divided among different Project Groups (PG). In order to be one of the members of PG and participate in its meetings, please, fill in the following application form:


Other information: If you want to find out more about Finance Club, visit our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/auafinanceclub/


“The Chaplin” AUA Comedy Club

Purpose: The Chaplin AUA comedy club is dedicated to furthering the comedic experiences of its members, giving them the opportunity to learn more about StandUp comedy, comedic musical stylings, improvisational or sketch comedy. It provides performance opportunities, workshops, meetings with various comedians who are topping in the comedy industry. As well as giving students a good deal of stage experience which in its turn will give them space to experiment and develop an individual voice, showing original approaches to comedy.

Contact: Meri Khachikyan  meri_khachikyan@edu.aua.am , Gevorg Hayrapetyan gevorg_hayrapetyan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: The club meets each Monday and Wednesday 15:30-17:00 at Large Auditorium

Other information: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chaplinauaclub/?fref=ts


“Samadhi” Yoga Club

Purpose:  The club has purpose to practice Yoga asanas (poses) and breathing techniques with the explanation of their effect on physical body and mind; the practice will be guided by instructors. The practice of Yoga will impart its members with the body energy and health, relaxed nervous system, mind awareness and positive thinking.

Meetings: Tuesdays from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, Fridays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, 204M

Contacts: edita_avetisyan@edu.aua.am, anna_sargsyan2@edu.aua.am

Other information: Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/707689162712754/


TedX Fan Club

Purpose: This club is for people who enjoy watching TED and TEDx talks, sharing ideas and having great discussions. The club aims to create awareness about TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading and bring students together to have great communication and learning experience through watching TED talks. During our club meetings we get maximum learning and inspiration by watching and discussing TED and TEDx talks.

Contact: Seda Babayan, seda_babayan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Flexible. Please contact the club representative for more information.


“Howl” Poetry and Translation Club

Purpose: Howl is the Poetry and Translation Club of AUA. One of the aims of Howl is to bring together AUA students who are interested in Art and Literature and passionate about its creation at AUA.

The other aim is to bring together AUA community with various poets, authors in Armenia and create productive dialogues within them through collaboration (translations of poems, interviews, and discussions).

Contact: Anush Ter-Khachatryan anush_ter-khachatryan@edu.aua.am

Meetings: Wednesday, 5:00 pm, Room 212M

Other Information: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/howlaua/?fref=ts

                                          Vimeo page:  https://vimeo.com/user59682180